Wall Removal in Perth

Our company is a small, family owned business operating throughout the entire Perth Metropolitan area. We take pride in delivering highly reputable quality, excellent service and maintaining great professional relationships with all our clients. We offer different service packages for homeowners who want to expand or renovate their houses.

Right from start, we endeavour to be a little bit different from the other tradesmen who work in our field. To do so, we focus on creating a seamless process from the free competitive quote to the completion of the construction and work. Over the years, we completed a massive body of work. This includes structural wall removal, new window and door openings, window to door conversions and garage to living area conversions.





Our goal for each project is for the finished product to blend into the existing home. We want to make it appear as though it was part of the original building. This requires specialist skill and an eye for detail, which we believe we can offer in every job.

Our services include the following:

  • Structural Wall Removal — We can remove inner or outer walls at your request. We also offer plastering, bricklaying, and ceiling fixing.
  • New Window and Door Openings — Transform your unused windows into large door openings!
  • Garage Conversion—Convert your existing carport into a serviceable and habitable room!

At WA Wall Removal, we are dedicated to bringing quality conversions, openings, and wall removals in Perth. Please feel free to browse through our Project Gallery for jobs we have completed. Please do not hesitate to call us at 0407 986 852 or email us at admin@wawallremoval.com.au if you are interested in a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!