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Structural Wall Removal

Structural Wall Removal involves the removing of internal and external walls and replacing them with steel or timber beams usual concealed in the roof space. The process involves engineering a plan to remove the walls, and submitting the plan to your local councils for approval before work commences. We offer a complete service which also includes plastering, ceiling fixing and bricklaying where needed during the course of the wall removal, we can also look after the engineered plan and council approval.

In the past many building companies have resorted to placing steel or timber posts to break up large spans in an open plan renovation, WA Wall Removal specialize in large span wall removals so our prices are extremely competitive.

New Window and Door openings

WA Wall Removal work with some of Perth’s largest window and door Companies to create new structural openings. Anything from a small window, to a large bifold or stacking door openings, WA Wall Removal have the expertise to see the job finished to a high quality.

WA Wall Removal offer a range of finishes to window and door openings, this can include timber sills and architraves, “toothing” out of face bricks on cut outs to make the opening appear as though it were always there, and plastering and render finishes to complete the job.

Garage Conversions

WA Wall Removal can convert your existing carport or garage that is under the existing roof structure, into a habitable room.

The process usually involves pouring new concrete to bring the level up to the existing house slab, bricking up the structure with a double brick cavity wall, installing new windows and doors, cutting in new doorways and openings to join the room to the existing house and plastering to finish.

WA Wall Removal can also look after the plans and council approval if required.

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